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Basic links to 'Contemporary chic' style brands

Basic  links to 'Contemporary chic' style brands

This Toi et moi seater is by Domani: The belgian brand to visit for sleek lined shapes and colors Link.They also make planters and sails

LINKS TO 'Contemporary Chic' STYLE BRANDS

If you are in search of design style furniture, you may want to check out some of the following brands.... soon my site will showcase them in full but ... if you want to get started this info may be useful anyway. A lot of these sites require you to search specifically for the outdoor section... enjoy the search!


The editorial team from Architectural Digest (AD) has named the YIN YANG signature collection by DEDON as one of Europe’s 100 Style Highlights. Top international achievements in architecture, art and design are presented under the title, “Best of Europe – the 100 Style Highlights.” : a broad selection with its 4 brands - Kettal - Hugonet - Evolutif and Triconfort

Established in 1964. Work with design stars such as Urquiola, Pillet. Massaud etc...
Hugonet is their Haute couture line
Link. Link.

Some is a relativly hidden gem - talented for revisiting seatings, pool - lounging solutions. To be discovered. Link.

The brand is a serious category player with a solid offer of teak, aluminium , all weather woven furniture.

In the same league as val -eur and equally classic chic.
Link. Link.

Viteo have an eye for design that is classical but clearly forward driven with a twist and a good use of technology.
And fast becoming a A list member . Link.

Classic and famous. You surely know them Link.

Good for balcony/ terrace metal and colored metals furniture... variations. A french touch.